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Camps - Junior Primary

We have designed a range of programs the enables students to discover by experiencing a broad range of hands on activities tailored for this younger age group.

• Hands on learning
• Encourages cultural awareness
• Curriculum Linked Programs

Camp Programs


This overnight program is an amazing way to introduce your students to the wonders and challenges of going on school camp. Lots of fun and exciting games that will entertain the students while they learn team skills


This 2 or 3 day camp program will help young children connect with aspects of Aboriginal Culture in a fun hands on way including some of our popular activities cooking fish in clay and Wiltja Building

Eco Kids Camp Program   Beach Camp
Never fear the E*C*O Kids are here! Students involved in this 2-3 Day Camp program will realise that they are the next generation of Super Heros that were put here on Earth to save the planet!   An amazing mix of fun games and beach adventures where students enjoy our coastal treasures while considering the issues for this precious fragile environment. 

Australian Curriculum Links
Programs specifically designed with learning areas to meet the National Curriculum.
Click Here to find out more about our Commitment to providing curriculum based school camps.

Beach FUNN

Years R - 3
Students enjoy our coastal treasures while considering the issues for this precious fragile environment


Reception - Year 3
Fun activities and games that teach younger students basic team skills & concepts.

E*C*O Kids

Year R-3
Students experience and explore the natural environment and their role in its preservation and rehabilitation in practical and fun ways.