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Active Education Services for every year level

You want to maximise the benefits of school camps, excursions, in school services & retreats for your students. We can develop a sequential coherent strategy across every year level for your school - contact us for a free of charge consultation! 

  • The benefits of developing a sequential coherent strategy for your school are numerous.
  • Teaching & admin staff will be able to connect classroom learning to camps & excursions.
  • Parents will know & be prepared for the camps & excursions their child will be going on each year throughout their schooling.
  • Students will look forward to their camp & outdoor education excursions at each year level.
  • A range of curriculum areas are covered in a sequential form
  • Students will experience different programs at various locations that complements learning​

Sample strategy across every year level 

Rec.      1.5hr Educational Session

Year 1    Outdoor Aventure Excursion

Year 2    Team FUNN Overnight Camp 

Year 3    Environmental Studies

Year 4    Copper Coast heritage

Year 5    Aboriginal Studies

Year 6    Introduction to under canvas camping

Year 7    River Murray Studies and kayaking

Year 8    Group Development & Orientation camp

Year 9    Bushwalking & Camping

Year 10  Linear Trek along the Heysen Trail

Year 11  Journey Based Program 

Year 12  Year 12 Retreats
               - including Group Development sessions