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Middle Primary (Year 3-5)

SA Great Coastline

Year 3-5
Students enjoy our coastal treasures while considering the issues for this precious fragile environment.

Colonial South Australia

Year 3-5
How would you like to travel back in time to teach your class about Australia’s colonial times and experience what life was like? Well what better way to learn about the history of the early South Australian colonies than to roll up your sleeves and get involved in this amazing 3 Day camp

Code Name Planet Earth

Year 3-5
Students experience and explore the natural environment and their role in its preservation and rehabilitation in practical and fun ways.

The Great Race

Years 3-5
A three day program full of hands-on fun & team building activities culminating in a Great Race activity on the final day.

Resilience Builders

Years 3-5
Is it time to challenge your students and put them out of their comfort zone? Then our resilience Builders Program will be a perfect 3 day camp program for you.

First Encounters of the SA Kind

Years 3-5
During this flat out 3 day Adventure students will encounter the rich history of the Victor Harbor area in the early 1800’s and what it means to South Australia today