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Incursions - Single Sessions

60-90minute Education Incursion Experiences

Benefits of our In-School Services

  • Cost effective – Stretch your excursions budget further
  • Mobile education services – We come to you!!!
  • Quality learning experiences with links to curriculum
  • Large range of potential locations (School, local beach, park or reserve)
  • Provided by experienced & professional Active Education staff
  • We can accommodate and run programs for single classes or the whole school
  • In school services remove the expensive bus transport costs

We can run single 60 or 90 minute incursions sessions based on our popular camp and outdoor education programs .

Many schools choose to offer excursions & in-school services to their students instead of or in addition to school camps.

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For in-school programs we need an oval or similar space to operate. We may also need your school gym depending on the program

Pioneer GamesPioneer Games Icon
Years 3-7

Learn how to play marbles, knuckles, hoop chase and many more pioneer games...


Solar RollersSolar Rollers Icon
Design & Tech
Years 5-7

Explore the world of solar energy. Then build cars in groups to harness solar energy in a car race.

Tie DyingTie Dying Icon
Visual Arts

Learn how to make your own tie dye creation.

Learn 2 FacepaintLearn 2 Facepaint Icon
Visual Arts
Years 3-7

Learn the art of face paint design through experimentation and practice.

ClaymationClaymation Icon
Media Arts (Years 6-7)(Requires 2 Sessions)

Create Film animation using adjustable clay figures and stop-motion photography.

Eco-Bird FeedersEco Bird Feeders Icon

Make your own ecofriendly outdoor devices that supply food for wild birds.

GeocachingGeocaching Icon
Digital Tech
Years 3-7

Take computers and technology outdoors to participate in a treasure hunt using GPS units.

2B or Knot 2B2B or Knot 2B Icon
Outdoor Ed
Years 6-7

Play with ropes to learn the right knot for the right purpose.

Let's Go Fly a KiteLet's Go Fly a Kite Icon
Years 3-7

Construct a kite & test in pairs while learning about the science & history.

World Games

During this fast paced and energetic 1.5 Hour session participants will play games from each of the 5 regions around the world including a game played by the Australian Aboriginals.