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In-School Services

You can organise in school programs that are based on our popular camp programs

Many schools choose to offer excursions & in-school services to their students instead of or in addition to school camps.

 Benefits of our In-School Services

  • In school services are very affordable and removes bus transport costs
  • We will adjust session timings to fit with school recess & lunch breaks
  • Students rotate through a series of timetabled activities
  • We can accommodate and run programs for single classes or the whole school
  • The program finishes with a debriefing session

For in-school programs we need an oval or similar space to operate. We may also need your school gym depending on the program

Full Day Outdoor Education Experiences

*Price Per Student (excl GST)  conditions apply

Weird ScienceWeird Science Wind and Flight Icon
Wind & Flight

Years 3-7

Kite Making & History – Learn about and
construct a kite in pairs using materials supplied.
Air Is Not Nothing – Experiment with air and its properties in a problem solving context.
Frisbees - Learn the techniques & physics behind throwing the frisbee.
Parachutes - Discover how a parachute works with some fun and active parachute games.



EnvironmentalEnvironmental Studies Icon
Years 3-5

Water catchment Studies & Water Users Game - An experiment based story to investigate water catchments followed by a fun a game that teaches about the impact of water users
The Amazing Earthworm – Construct a desk-top worm farm to take back to school or home.
Animals & Their Environments – A unique way of looking at how animals adapt to their environment.

SustainableSustainable Footprints Icon
Years 5-7

Sustainable Energy (incl Solar Cars) - Learn about different types of energy production.
Animal Survivor – An interactive game about conservation, predators & human impact on animals
Reduce/ Reuse/Recycle - Fun and engaging session to learn when to reduce, reuse & recycle.

Team FUNNTeam Funn Icon
Reception – Year 3

A wide range of FUNN activities and games which teach younger students basic team skills & concepts using props like Rubber Chickens, Parachutes, Dinosaur Eggs, Hoops & Balls.


Resilience BuildersResiliance Builders Icon
Year 4-5

Attack & Defend - An Active Education variation of “Capture the Flag”.
Mind Games - A series of mind puzzles where students create their own take-home string puzzles.
Problem Solving - Develop the problem solving skills of students working together in small groups.

Building TeamBuilding Teams Icon
Year 5 +.

Group Development - Find solutions while focusing on the benefits of building teams in fun games.
Problem Solving – Develops the problem solving skills of students working together in small groups
Geocaching - Learn about GPS navigation technology & participate in a worldwide treasure hunt.