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Incursions Program options

Team FUNN (Reception – Year 3)

A wide range of Funn activities and games teach younger students basic team skills & concepts using props like Rubber Chickens, Parachutes, Dinosaur Eggs, Hoops & Balls.
Please note: Programs are specially tailored and developed after consultation with Teachers to determine desired outcomes and student abilities.

Resilience Builders (Year 4-5)

Attack & Defend - An Active Education variation of “Capture the Flag”. This activity develops strategy, honesty and teamwork.
Mind Games - A session involving a series of mind puzzles that culminates in students creating their own take-home String Puzzles
Problem Solving - A series of activities planned to test the problem solving skills of students working together in small groups

Building Team (Year 5 +)

Group Development - Activities challenging all group members to contribute to finding solutions while focusing on the benefits of building team
Problem Solving - A series of activities planned to test the problem solving skills of students working together in small groups
Geocaching - Learn about GPS navigation technology & participate in Geocaching a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure

Tribal Challenge (Years 6+)

A high energy day program in which groups compete in a series of challenges throughout the day. This program is based loosely on the hit TV show ‘Survivor’.

During the course of the day, players compete as tribes in contests called challenges to earn their tribe points as well as participate in activities that focus on working together and learning as a whole tribe.

During the challenges tribes will be separated into battle groups and compete against the other tribal groups in games that involve endurance, problem solving and teamwork. The tribe with the most points at the end of the day becomes the ultimate tribal warriors, however the goal is that all participants enjoy the day and learn team building, problem solving and bush skills during the activities and challenges.

Weird Science - Wind & Flight

Students experiment with hands-on opportunities to explore the properties of air, the concept of flight and the effects of wing shape with the following activities.
Kite Making & History - Students construct a kite in pairs using materials supplied.
Air Is Not Nothing - A look at air and its properties in a problem solving context
Frisbees - Learn the techniques & physics behind throwing the Frisbee.
Parachutes - Discover how a parachute works with some fun and active parachute games.

Environmental Studies (Year 3-5)

Help students learn about their role in the preservation and rehabilitation of the environment in practical and fun ways.
Water catchment Studies & Water Users Game - An experiment based story to investigate water catchments followed by a fun a game to teach about the impact of water users
The Amazing Earthworm – Working in pairs students construct a desk-top worm farm to take back to school or home.
Animals & Their Environments – A unique way of looking at how animals adapt to their environment.

Sustainable Footprints (Year 5-7)

Sustainable Energy (incl Solar Cars) - Learn about energy usage and different types of energy production culminating in racing their solar cars to see which is fastest!
Animal Survivor – An interactive game focussing on conservation, the effect of predators & humans on the native animals in the bush.
Reduce/ Reuse/Recycle - Fun and engaging session encouraging children to reduce waste to landfill by learning when to reduce, reuse & recycle

Excursion Only Programs

#Getoutandplay in Nature

Specially tailored programs consisting of a mix of hands on environmental education and fun games requiring a local excursion to local beach, park or reserve.

Aboriginal Studies (extra charges apply)

This program introduces students to the traditional skills and unique culture of Indigenous Australian people, providing hands-on experiences they will always remember.
Artefacts & Art - Students will have the opportunity to look at, handle and use various artefacts of traditional Aboriginal Culture as well as get the chance to paint their own Boomerangs
The power of knowledge - Knowledge sharing is a fundamental aspect of Aboriginal Culture including an introduction to bush tucker and dreaming stories
Traditional Games - Students participate in some traditional games from throughout Australia