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Testimonials from Parents

Below please find some testimonials from past holiday camps 

Hope that you are all having a great time. What a beautiful place! Bet it’s cold at night!!!

I am so very glad that you offer this service - and do it so well. I grew up in England and spent quite a bit of my early teenage holidays in America – in both places (America particularly as I’m sure you know) and was horrified to find it so hard to find camps here, so thrilled to see your advert in the PAC primary school newsletter some years ago. I believe that well run camps provide a wonderful and valuable experience for children of all ages. Overcoming the fear of not knowing anyone, experiencing new places and activities… then enjoying reunions with regulars (not to mention outdoor activities rather than screen time 24/7!).

Best wishes for a trouble-free and enjoyable camp,




Dear Luke & the Active Ed Holiday camps team,

I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your staff on a well run camp.  Georgia and Emma (Not their real names) came away with such renewed confidence, friendships and a great deal of information to tell us. They both talked like two bob watches on the way home.  It is very rewarding to see your children happy after being away. The children there that I spoke to all seemed to have a great time and they were hoping everyone would come back again.   The companionship between the girls and boys is great to see as well.

We will definitely be back and spreading the word about your camps.  
Thank you once again.

Kind Regards




My child absolutely loves these camps and gets a chance to do activities that us as parents generally dont have time for or just arent capable of. Everything these days is computers/game consoles so this gives the kids a great opportunity to explore outdoor activities, make new friends and for my child personally.......... try new foods that i've had no success getting him to try at home. I highly recommend these camps to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Subject: Re: Holiday Camp

Dear Luke and Sarah,

I would like to thank both of you for taking such good care of Jess (Not her real name). She had a fantastic time and I could tell she felt completely comfortable with you both. A lot of what I heard from Jess about the camp was extremely positive. She enjoyed all aspects especially free time. Jess likes to be creative and finds life very restrictive most of the time. Jess made some nice friendships and it sounds like you both are very good with kids.

Jess loved the food and activities. I like the fact you had a room inspection every am. That's great! We have incorporated this room inspection every am at home before school now. Working well. 

The only area that Jess thinks you could improve on is.......MAKE THE CAMP LONGER!

Please inform Jess and myself of next camp if you have time.

Thanks again